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Property Investment & Development

Husband and wife team with over 15 years experience in property investment, including acquisition, renovation, rental and refinancing.

Key Areas of Focus & Expertise

Property Renovation

Buy, refurbish, rent and refinance

House of multiple occupancy

Creating modern and comfortable shared living spaces

Property Investment

Generating attractive returns for investors


Helping new investors build a property portfolio

Invest & Learn With Us

We offer the chance to invest with us to earn attractive returns. The investment can be as passive as you like, including an option to learn about property development alongside your investment. Get in touch to find out more.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Rhivashay Property since they first made contact with me in May 2021. From the very beginning, they were a breath of fresh air to work with; personable, organised, conscientious, helpful, flexible, the list goes on! HMOs can be very time consuming in many ways and Natasha and Suresh always take the time to plan any projects carefully, taking on advice from myself (a specialist HMO managing agent) and the builder and therefore giving much forethought to the HMOs they renovate and produce.  The end result is a high end HMO that is an absolute pleasure to find tenants for and manage. LEA Property Solutions is very proud to be associated with Rhivashay Property who are definitely making a name for themselves in the HMO industry. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of starting business relations with them."

LEA Property Solutions

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